George Jackson University            

Long Live The Dragon

Kilaika  Anayejali Kwa Baruti

Executive Director, Financial Administration, GJU
Co-host, GJU Radio


My name is Kilaika Anayejali kwa Baruti.  I changed my name in 2011.   I was fortunate enough to learn a great deal of African culture, enough to know that I should change my name.  I was given the name along with blessings from my comrades.  The name means, Angel who cares for the teacher.  The name is Kiswahili.  At a very early age, 16, I was introduced to African culture in a way that I never would have imagined.  I learned so much through working at an institution called Pan-African Connection in Dallas.  It was also here that I was introduced to Pan-Africanism and uniting with the objective of Pan-Africanism.  Here, I became a fully aware Nkrumahist- Tureist, developing my ideology through a collective process by being a member of the All-African People’s Revolutionary Party.  Through years of organizing I participated in numerous activities and events.  Most of them were instances that I would not want to relive.  I have seen racism, confronted police brutality, and capitalist and imperialist cruelty head on by being engaged in protest and demonstrations throughout my teenage life.  Organizing in the AAPRP, I was a comrade of the late Bandele Tyehimba and I learned a lot through his leadership.  There was conflict in his earlier years of organizing with the AAPRP, which created issues about us existing as a Dallas Chapter of the AAPRP.  We decided collectively to change our names to The United States of Africa Revolutionary Party, while still being in solidarity to the line, principles, and objectives of the AAPRP.  I served and still serve as a member of this organization and today I am a Cadre.  Pan-Africanism pushes the idea of complete African Unity and liberation for African people throughout the World.  As a resident of Dallas, I am proud to say it has been well over fifteen years that I have served in this party.  I was very lucky to belong to this formation as a youth because it has done so much for my personal and political development.     

I am also a citizen of the Republic of New Africa.  I served as a Black Legionnaire in the RNA for in 2004 and 2005.  In the USARP, I worked with many organizations and stood in solidarity with many socio-political organizations throughout the world.  One of the most tactful movements was building the (UAF) United African Front.  In the UAF we confronted the Dallas Police Department head on for their Attack on the African Personality, it was a major and historical moment in Dallas and created a lot of progressive realities and up sprung many new activist in Dallas.  I have had the opportunity to serve as a writer with the African World Report Online.  I was introduced to this work by being a member of the Pan-African Internationalist Coordinating Committee and the Ujima’s People Collective, which I started organizing with in the summer of 2011.  I am currently the Founder of the Medase Initiative.  We initiated the movement in the year of 2013.  It is an initiative to collectively link individuals inside of the Prison Industrial Complexes providing them with study material and resources they need for every aspect of their lives, particularly a newsletter as the primary tool.  I have written and still write as needed for The New Black Panther Party Political Prisoners Magazine.  I have served as the Secretary for the Department of International Affairs in Sierra Leone in conjunction with the African Socialist Movement.  With this work my objective was to stand in solidarity with revolutionary socialist movements to get seats in parliament in Africa to take positions for presidency so the peoples of those given countries in Africa can come under the banner of Pan-Africanism and rid itself of neo-colonialist forces who's objectives are to exploit the resources of the people and the land.  I understand that the objective of African unity is the only solution to combat the harsh realities that plague us as African people, wherever we find ourselves in the world.  Just like the realities of police terrorism in our own communities, which I work with other grassroots organization, such as Guerilla Mainframe, who promotes political education and self-defense.  I am also a human rights activist that stands against the injustices of the Prison Industrial Complex and mass incarceration.  I serve as the Executive Financial Administrative Director of George Jackson University, which promotes political, social, and cultural education within the prison system.  Just like the Medase Initiative, its objective is to educate African men and women so they can be upon release, not only able to function in society, but be great contributors to their society, especially to their families and communities.  We still today uphold that same objective.  We intend on creating and maintaining a world of thinkers that can serve and make better the conditions around them. 


We will help them learn of things that they may not have access to inside of the prison.  They will study things such as political science, cultural studies, African history, math, science, reading, art, welding, computer engineering, health education, and a host of other things they desire to learn for their own individual growth and development, and what is selected by their study group.  We will reward them with incentives for their studies; this is intended to and will let them know they have a friend on the outside, people who love and care about them.  They will know they are not alone.  These incentives will be things such as postage stamps, envelopes, commissary, and whatever else they need or desire that is within the guidelines of the particular prison the inmate is being held.  This incentive will continue as long as they are studying and growing with George Jackson University.  Upon their release, George Jackson University’s intent is to provide them with financial and economic resources that will help them function in society.  We, collectively, will be able to do this because these financial and economic resources will be awarded to them when they come and work in their respective communities with George Jackson University.  George Jackson University, if you can envision city libraries, will function in this manner.  There will be an institution in every state in America.  These institutions will have a full functioning library, computer workstations, outside support, and resources that the people can utilize daily.  There will also be social activities for children and adults alike.  George Jackson University is built and designed off the principles of unity in the community and love for one another.    George Jackson University and all its endeavors are to serve the inmates to make them anew in their whole essence and also those in the communities.  Through this medium, which is my most critical work right now is where I practice being a servant of the people and I also have committed myself to being an editor and publisher of the works of New Afrikan Political Prisoners who are currently being held in solitary confinement in Pelican Bay State Prison, California.  I want nothing less than being their voice, the voice of the people.


Asante Sana,

Kiliaka Anayejali kwa Baruti