George Jackson University            

Long Live The Dragon

Komrade Kadafi

Events Coordinator, GJU
Co-host, GJU Radio

To The People,


When I was born doesn't matter. I am the embodiment of every single Black Revolutionary Guerrilla relentlessly fighting for his/her total liberation by any and all means necessary since the first Afrikan breath was taken, and the first black blood drop shed. This particular physical manifestation came into existence on December 24th, 1986 in Boston, MA, USA. Born to poor black parents in one of the dark jungles of America, I was naturally projected into rebellion. Being raised by a single mother and nonexistent and drug addicted father only fueled this fire. Due to the suffering black families endure, which is identical to the conditions of a third world country, starving, no electricity, no heat, no hot water, little clothing, homelessness, miseducation, inadequate healthcare, police terrorism, total government disenfranchisement, neglect and oppression in all of its forms, it was as if I inherited the same chains that branded and bonded our ancestors!

Existing under these conditions, Outlaws are created. I am no different. All that has changed in all my years is my growth of revolutionary consciousness. I had always been somewhat socially conscious due to the exposure to world & black history and leaders by my mother and my own analytical understanding of my environment and situation. I was and am a product of the revolutionary transformative process same as all other creatures of the universe are subject to, specifically those oppressed in the hellish wilderness of The United States of America. After a bloody and taxing struggle in the streets, I began to attempt to change the constitution and dynamics of the street organization into a socially progressive organization by starting a non-profit corporation to begin the process of networking with other individuals and organizations from a positive platform in order to better the conditions in our community.

Due to past deeds and the natural repressive responses of the enemy mechanism when confronted with any progressive movement, the local, state & federal law enforcement agencies captured several individuals for various crimes. I've been captured many times before but this trip was unique in that I would not be confined in my city or state but shipped like cargo across the United States and walk the same prison plantation killing fields with the great revolutionaries, biggest gangsters and hustlers, most powerful Mafia Bosses, International figures, and most of all, black, poor, and oppressed Afrikans just like me. It was here that my transformative process from criminal to revolutionary bit its tail. I was embraced by and united with others who shared my interest,  some more mature than others, some in leadership positions across the nation. The work to be done entered a new dimension. A new order of things was born.

Since my release from the koncentration kamp, the work to be done under this new order of things has progressed in a manner that Malcolm X, Huey Newton, George Jackson, and the countless Komradez who have given their lives for the people, for the struggle of liberation for all oppressed people I think would be pleased with, and ignite their fire into an boiling volcano. I am honored to work amongst the ranks of the old guard and the soldiers of the new. My message to my komradez in the words of General Jalil Muntaqim is that WE ARE OUR OWN LIBERATORS, LIBERATION IN OUR LIFETIME IS THE FIRE BURNING IN OUR SPIRITS. To our enemies, THE DRAGON LIVES, WE'RE COMING...Komrade Temugin "Khamao" Kadafi.