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Long Live The Dragon


George Lester Jackson

September 23, 1941 – August 21, 1971

This monster - the monster they've engendered in me will return to torment its maker, from the grave, the pit, from the profoundest pit. Hurl me into the next existence, the descent into hell won't turn me. I'll crawl back to dog his trail forever. They won't defeat my revenge. Never never. I'm a part of a righteous people who anger slowly, but rage undamned. And we'll gather at his door in such a number that the rumbling of our feet with make the earth tremble. I'm going to charge them for this, twenty eight years without gratification. I'm going to charge them reparations and blood. I'm going to charge them like a maddened, wounded, rogue male elephant, ears flared, trunk raised, trumpet blaring. I'll do my dance in his chest and the only thing he'll ever see in my eyes is a dagger to pierce his cruel heart. This is one nigger who is positively displeased. I'll never forgive. I'll never forget. And if I'm guilty of anything at all, it's not leaning on them hard enough.

                                                    War without terms.
George Jackson

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