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Long Live The Dragon

Revolutionary greetings to you all. This statement is on behalf of The United states of Africa revolutionary party and also George Jackson University, presented and written by myself Kilaika Baruti, a cadre member of the party and the executive director of the institution GJU. This statement also consist of contributions from Kasim Gero, who is currently incarcerated in the state of Maryland, who is a chief developer of Afrikan political science curriculum, organizer, and instructor for George Jackson University and he is a member of The African Peoples Socialist Party. We both feel that it is necessary to be here with you today, but unfortunately because of circumstances Kasim cannot, but nonetheless we are both entirely grateful to be able to address you in honor of Assata Shakur and commemorating the liberation of our beloved sister and comrade Assata Shakur. This day of honor, commemoration, and celebration is one of great importance. It is not only a time to rejoice in our triumph of obtaining freedom for our dear sister comrade, it is also a time to access our current state of being as a collective body of people, so that we can in turn collectively use and analyze history to deal with any and all circumstances and challenges we may face, especially when we speak of liberation, the need for it, and how to obtain it. It is quite clear to us that freedom is important and when it is denied we must assume and seek ever strategy and tactic that we can to obtain it. This was understood when Assata was liberated. Every attempt at liberation is not always a victory, but in this case it was. There was a war just like the one today that was waged against African people in the United States of America and because of this war, Assata just like many others became prisoners of war. It was because Assata belonged to a party that had principles, a party that had morals, a party that had loyalty, that Assata was freed, but there were of course variables and circumstances that made it not so easy of a feat for others who sought liberation and are still held captive. However, Assata’s liberation was and is a living reality and what is important is that we understand how and why such a victory can happen and still exist in our present day, when there is still a bounty, the people are still the victors and her life and the blood that flows through her veins is proof of it. She is our shining star, but we must ask ourselves what are the factors in place that protects her from this bounty and to answering that question can only be done by using very critical analysis. Through careful and extreme consideration we found our answer in Cuba, this year in this very moment we want to turn your attention to Cuba. Cuba has shown itself to the history of the world that it could not count itself among the nations content to live under the boot of imperialism. It is to the distinguished men and women representatives of this nation we give our most revolutionary salutations. Revolutionary Cuba has offered a lot to our people in the light of being an example. It was Cuba, under the leadership of the July 26th movement that sparked the torch of working class revolution and internationalism in the western hemisphere. It was Cuba guided by a proletarian consciousness that sought to give its citizens a fair and human existence. Cuba stands in our hearts and minds as an example of the words of Karl Marx that the oppress have nothing to lose but their chains and with their freed hands they will reach out to help others with chains on. Some would believe incorrectly that we had become friends of Cuba as they sent thousands of volunteer troops to Angola or as Che led a unit of combatants in Congo. That we had become friends of Cuba as thousands of doctors saved lives throughout west Afrika, or as the first responders to the Ebola crisis were of Cuban nationality. That we had become friends with Cuba when our most selfless fighters of the Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army, Robert F. Williams, Assata Shakur and others were granted asylum by comrades Fidel and Raul Castro. These believer are sadly mistaken. Our friendship with Cuba began as the 1st African feet touched the island as slaves in 1517. Our friendship with Cuba began at the hanging of one of our African warriors against slavery, Jose Amonio Adonte, in 1812. Our friendship with Cuba began in 1895 with the emergence of Jose Marti. It began with the major black uprising in 1912. It began with Moncado. It began with New Year’s 1959. It began with the Bay of Pigs. The fact that our beloved sister comrade Assata Shakur remains in the warm embrace of Cuba’s socialist hands has meant so much to our people and we have not forgotten this. We have not forgotten nor will we ever forget, that our overwhelming gratitude belong to the Cuban people for welcoming this beautiful woman into their bosom. Were it not for cuba the cold clutches of imperialism would surely have snatched the fire she inspired in our struggle for freedom. For this act words cannot describe our appreciation. However as we can see Cuba’s connection to our people and our struggle continues and we have not as of yet been able to draw from Cuba the most critical of lessons. Those of working class solidarity. Those of internationalism those of standing on the shoulders of our historical leaders and movements to propel ourselves further towards our goals of liberation. There are many things that we can learn from our comrades in Cuba. As a result of our enslavement in the western hemisphere we have become a part of a struggle that we did not create , but it is one we occupy with other oppressed people and this is the reason for our affinity with Cuba. The struggle of Afrikan people in America and in Africa has gone through many stages and the Cuban people have been present and made sacrifices throughout. Our desire to continue this relationship remains strong. There is this slogan that says black lives matter and has spread far and wide is the result of continued oppression by the state. The oppression ranging from police brutality economic and political inequality, deliberate educational and medical neglect, mass incarceration, political imprisonment, it is the story book of our presence here in America. Through this Cuba has been present with the rest of the world these conditions are known to many of the horrific struggles that African people are facing. After hundreds and hundreds of years of struggle against Yankee imperialist we have long ago realized that the struggle were waging against the chief imperial power of the world is one that we cannot win alone. The creation or fostering alliances and friendships is of the utmost importance. So again on this day in celebration of Assata we would like to thank our brothers and sisters in Cuba for what they have done and we encourage you all to work harder and more diligently to build stronger relationships with people the world over that share our interest and a desire to wage struggle against imperialism, let us discipline ourselves and give everything we got to free all political prisoners and prisoners of war. We in the Unites States of Africa Revolutionary Party salute those of you who work tirelessly and consistently in the efforts of organizing and liberating yourselves and your people. Those of you who will not rest until things change and take a better turn for the interest of our people and of humanity. Those of you who will not rest comfortably until imperialism is done away with we salute you and encourage you to do more. You must also remember that Kwame Ture said power only comes from the organized masses. So keep up the good work and ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE, let’s create some POWER for it is the only way we can win ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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