New Afrikan Psychology New Afrikan Psychology Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery- by Naim Akbar, $10.00 Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery- by Naim Akbar, $10.00 Are African-Americans still slaves? Why can't Black folks get together? What is the psychological consequence for Blacks and Whites of picturing God as a Caucasian? Learn to break the chains of your mental slavery with this new book by one of the world's outstanding experts on the African-American mind. 194119881 The Community of Self- by Naim Akbar To donate new copy: $8.00 To donate used copy: [shipping button] This revised and expanded version of The Community of Self is one of Akbar's six books which address the issue of a holistic human psychology and an increased understanding of the unique psychological funtioning of African-American in particular. The Community of Self has been adapted as stage play, used as a guide for education of African-American children?applied in workshops for social services and mental health providers, and used as a personal development and self-help book by thousands of people worldwide. 194120226 194120900 194120901 194120902 194120903 Complementarity: Thoughts for Afrikan Warrior Couples- byMwalimu Baruti, $12.95 Afrikan Warrior Couples Excerpt taken from the last chapter: The couple is the bedrock of the nation. Without it there is no family, no people. Without couples there can be no family to procreate and rear confident, untroubled, anchored children. No viable, community-respecting generation can be born to continue the process of life, living, building and defending. Afrikan couples must be whole, individually and as one. They must be able to trust their selves and each other implicitly. And that is what makes it imperative that we carefully choose our mates for Afrikan reasons. We must choose with vision. For we are the vanguard. Our unions have purpose far greater than the wants or needs of either member individually or the couple together. We do not bemoan this privilege. In fact, it is just the opposite. We are soldiers in love with forming beautiful families, rearing happy, thinking children, building strong, lasting communities, raising a mighty nation and removing all enemies. For Afrikan warrior scholar complements, there is no other reason for being. 194120904 194120905 194120906 194120907 194120908 Visions for Black Men by Naim Akbar - $10.00 Visions for Black Men raises issues which are not only important to black men but to all of us. How do we restore African manhood to those whom the society has not viewed as the chosen people? Discover the startling prediction of the mystical tradition of Ancient Africa-- that the descendants of a once great nation will raise again. 194120909