George Jackson University            

Long Live The Dragon

Comrade Bomani Uhuru Jihad Shakur 

Fundraising Department, GJU

Co-host, GJU Radio


Comrade Bomani Uhuru Jihad Shakur is a 34 yr old freedom fighter and combatant of oppression.  His political awareness begun behind the wall at age 18 when he was corresponding with South Chicago ABC Zine Distro, being the recipient of many political pamphlets from POW's such as Russell Maroon Shoatz and Sundiata Acoli. 

He was also in receipt of MIM(Maoist Internationalist Movement) notes, which were taken out of the penal system in Georgia and nationally as well.  South Chicago ABC Zine Distro was being censored in the Georgia Penal Colony, all due to their political enlightenment. He wrote petitions, did a legal work, unified gangs, and mentored younger and older brothers for over 10 years behind the iron house of oppression from 1996-2007.  He has witnessed firsthand the Prison Industrial Slave Complex, as well as the effects of mass incarceration. 

He is now on the streets with a progressive mind. Bomani is ever aware of the fascist-capitalistic society of AmeriKKKa.  He truly understand the role of GJU:(Transforming a criminal mind into a revolutionary mind.) As brothers and comrades such as Malcolm X, Sanyika Shakur, and Tookie Williams went through the same transformations.  He is a conscious citizen of the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika .

Bomani loves, honors, and support any and all efforts of moving New Afrikans forward, no matter if they have political views of socialism, communism, or anarchy. Bomani believes in, and is a staunch advocate for the total unity to form a New Afrikan Nation,  via attainment of Land, Freedom, Independence, and Government.

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