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The George Jackson University Book Donor Project

We can no longer afford to depend on the government, or the P.I.S.C. to educate the New Afrikan prison population, nor should our educational development be dependent on them. It is in the best interest of our community and society at large for us to take responsibility for our own educational development, but the success of the GJU will depend on the support of many people and our communities. We are presently seeking donors who will pledge to donate book(s) for registered students(s), or GJU Study Group (which we call the Marcus Garvey Study Group: (MGSG).

We will develop a list of those donors who pledged to donate a book for a registered student, as well as those donors who pledged to donate books for a Marcus Garvey Study Group (MGSG). The MGSG is a registered GJU instructor who was able to enroll one to seven students into his/her study group. He/she will also designate a deputy instructor. Every instructor will be certified by the GJU Board of Scholars, and he/she will register their MGSG and each student within their study group. The instructor will also select no more than three (3) curriculums at a time to teach his/her’ MGSG; we will then send this information to the appropriate donor.

Your support, donations, and volunteerism is essential to the growth and influence of GJU, and can be applied in the following area:

  • Postage Stamps            Business-size envelopes      Letter –sized envelopes  
  • Book from website          Copy machines/printers           Monetary Funds                  
  • Other Donations

Every donation is a source of knowledge for GJU students, in content or via delivery. As you share your resources with GJU, you will experience the solidarity of a people engaged in the transformation of all our lives.

The donor will NEVER send money to the MGSG instructor; he/she will donate the book directly to GJU. The donor is encourage to get the books from Afrikan World Books.  The donor(s) will only be required to contact the outside designate GJU-Donor Book Project coordinator at and inform him/her that he/she has a book to donate to the University. The following lists of books are only a preliminary listing. We intend to expand our curriculum book catalog as the GJU evolves. At present, all books are encouraged to be purchased from Afrikan World Books for they are a great resource and in complete solidarity with the work, one of our greatest allies.   PLEASE NOTE IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE BOOKS LISTED FOR THE CURRICULUM, PLEASE PULL FROM YOUR PERSONAL LIBRARY, REVOLUTIONARY CAUSE, SMALL SACRIFICE!   "Up You Mighty People, accomplish what we will.”—Marcus Garvey          

To donate and/or volunteer, submit your contact information and a brief description of your contributions, by clicking the tab below.

Artwork by Kevin Rashid Johnson, Minister of Defence, New Afrikan Black Panther Party (Prison Chapter)

Send Love and Light to Rashid, write to: 

Kevin Johnson # 1859887

Clements Unit

9601 Spur 591

Amarillo, TX 79107  

[Make sure a first and last name are clearly printed in the return address section of the envelope or your mail will be returned.]

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