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Dr. Kwame'-Osagyefo Kalimara

I am a native of San Francisco born of Laura and Walter. My mother resides with my ancestors. My maternal great-great grandmother Amanda was an enslaved New Afrikan woman who resisted the condition of her people. She was described as unruly, contemptuous, volatile, and violent with the slave master and his agents. I follow her tradition of independence, liberation, and sovereignty.

My formal education was with the institutions of the San Francisco Public School System, San Francisco State University, University of San Francisco, and the African Institute of Theology.

I am a Priest of Kalfou Met and Erzulie Dantor (Petro Rites) since the early 1970s, and ordained as an Inter-faith minister since the early 1980s and I practice New Afrikan Vodun. I am the parent of Mtayari, Deena, Kanika, Kenya, Ifa, Aramus and Olayinka (with one of my children, I was a single custodial parent for 17 years - 19 months old to 17 years old).  I am the grandparent of Shaquirah, Shomari, Ayana, Sincere, Akili and Amir. I am the ritual godparent of Makeda.

I am the life partner of Eniola Oladeji Kalimara. She is a Montessori educator and a Priest of Songo for nearly 40 years.

I am a New Afrikan Revolutionary Nationalist. We prepare and organize to liberate the New Afrikan Nation. We seek to create a mass national movement of Our people which resists  forms of colonial repression.  We are Ujamaaist economically. We are Revolutionary Pan-Afrikanist. We are Anti-Imperialist. We are Anti-Sexist. "Revolution Ain't Happening Without Women (We believe and practice co-leadership)."

My early kazi included non-public/nonpublished removal of pharmacological entrepreneurs from the community and redistributing those assets to the community, family reunification - rescuing young girls from the stable's of male leaches. The public interventions in "Frisco", "Motor City", "Chitown" and the "ATL" includes anti-drug campaigns - protective services.

Currently I am the National Chair & Secretary of the New Afrikan Peoples' Organization (co-founder of NAPO and the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement). My primary work in these organizations center on youth, gender contractions (New Afrikan Womanism) and security.  I am also an elder in the spiritual communities, including the United Nation of Ifa, Orisa, and Vodun.


I am the former Minister of Foreign Affairs for the Provisional Government of the Republic of New Afrika, Justice of the New Afrikan Peoples' Court, SF. Bay Area National Task Force for Cointelpro Litigation and Research coordinator and the Midwest Regional Coordinator.

I am a former defendant in the cases of the NAPO 4 (Battle Creek, Michigan anti-KKK campaigns) and Malcolm X Center 6 (September 11, 1998 defense of young female scout assault by a male police officer at the Center).

I am an officer in the New Afrikan Security Union (NASU), New Afrikan Militia (NAM) and a black level instructor in the Afrikan Institute of Marital Arts (Kipigana Ngumi).

My Community Defense actions includes battles with the Hells Angels in the San Francisco Bay Area (they chained a black woman) and the KKK in Tupelo, Mississippi.

My Prison and "gang" work included the Pontiac Brothers case (1980 Illinois capitol case 17 defendants) and Chicago's El Rukins and the Black Gangster Disciples.

My on going campaigns include supporting Political Prisoners, Prisoners of War and Exiles. Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Sekou Odinga (now released), Nehanda Abiodun and Assata Shakur are a few examples of Our sheroes and heroes we must support.

In the area of International Travel I represented the New Afrikan Independence Movement in various nations of Canada, Afrika, Europe, and the Caribbean.

My Rites of Transformation kazi includes membership’s local, regional, and national Rites of Passage organizations. I facilitate naming, final rites, and weddings rituals & ceremonies, and conduct adolescent to adulthood programs.

I have taught law, psychology and hi-story in formal institutions: Elementary, Middle, and High Schools. Olive-Harvey City College and the National Conference of Black Lawyers Community College of Law and International Diplomacy (Chicago), University of Detroit and Wayne State University Schools of Law (Detroit), Atlanta Metropolitan College and Georgia State University. I taught World History, Early & Modern African History at Morehouse College.  I have taught African Diaspora & the World at Spelman College.

Clinically, I have worked in the areas of substance abuse, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and other dis-eases in Our communities.

I write liberation and romantic poetry.  In short, I am a servant of the People!

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