George Jackson University            

Long Live The Dragon

Erick Khafre

Logistics Coordinator, GJU

Chairman Erick Khafre, Guerilla Mainframe

Born from humble beginnings, not much different from the average black man/African in America, Chairman Erick Khafre has been actively organizing in his community locally, regionally, and nationally for ALL of his adult life. Initially founding an organization called, “Freedom Now”, in his youth and current leader of Guerrilla Mainframe (GMF-RM).

Chairman Erick has served as a supporter of women rights, freedom of all black men/women (political prisoners) to be tried by a jury of their peers, and a number of causes promoting the liberation of the African Mind.

Forming GMF was in part a process that reflects the political development undergone by the Chairman over the past several years. He is committed to the liberation of his people from the chaos called America and the notion of European imperialism.

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