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Long Live The Dragon

Not Without Unity, Author Unknown

As in prison, so in the larger realm of so-called free society. Awareness springing universal has brought new fundamentals to hopes and ideals long cast aside as unattainable. There exists now a growing unity of deed, thought and purpose. What became simply as an effort to rebuild a togetherness that existed many years ago has not become a rapidly spreading reality. One nation, one struggle is replacing East Coast, West Coast and parts in between. Our oppression is common and answers to one cause, our total destruction as people of color in particular and those who live by their conscious choice to fight against tyranny in all its faces in general. Our foe is common, as must our will to resist be common.

Each footfall towards our common freedom must echo across the land as a step by all. The illusion of opposites has kept us blind to the subtle ways of divisive prompting too long. We have lost too much and too many. The cult of personalities is a system created by the beast as a means of controlling the emotions of an entire nation.

When the emotions of many can be manipulated by sticking pins into icons like voodoo dolls, all is subject to the whim of the master. There cannot be a division between leadership and masses. All must march as one. There cannot be a division of purpose. Our pain and suffering is universal and our children, friends and love ones are mowed down daily as so much wheat for the thrashing floor of corporate america. We are told who are leaders are by the front line engine of this fascist structure, the media. We are told how to feel about them, what importance they have in our lives and how much energy we should put into working in their behalf. There must ultimately be as much energy poured into our communities. The hard task is unity. The end result is liberation. We have entire segments of society who have no idea a struggle is raging.

They simply know the section 8 voucher is no good; the apartment complex they are being evicted from by the thousands has no referrals for them and will have the police throw them out with their belonging, into the streets at dawn if they linger. Our inner cities are in extreme turmoil, dying from within. Millions of youth across the nation have no intention of living to be 25 years old. Life has only sad implications for them because they are truly heard only in great time of strife. Our solutions are there, our future is there. While we free the land, Los Angeles, Oakland, Harlem, Philadelphia and a hundred other places are held captive by the running dogs of the ruling class, the police state. As we build for that plebiscite, our 13 and 14 year old are being marched off to newly built concentration camps we watched being built to uphold laws we thought harmless. As we rage on our many fronts, posturing and twisting in our African finery and repeating all those absolutely proper revolutionary sayings with an ashe for the ancestors, our focus drifts away from those we would liberate.

Our need is plain as our tormentor watches confusion prevent us from casting off the doctrines that have for so long led us away from those we would serve. If we truly love our people, we must unite with them to create a party that reflects us all and is not afraid to deal with real needs of our people. Food, clothing, Shelter and Justice should be our unifying creed as we come together to unite our varied resources. In this way the policy of waiting for causes to react to would no longer apply. Together we can stand firm and grip the fascist boot before it falls. Let’s do something for the people today.

We once understood that we and not the dictates of the Geneva Convention must define our struggle. Those who fought for us in times past and were captured must have our total support even though many don’t know their names or history. Those soldiers, who have consistently rages against the oppressive system that would deny us breath, must have our total support, even though many don’t know their names. Liberation must be universal, lest it be false freedom gone overnight. We cannot be mired in the trap of seeking selective freedom for prominent individuals. The question is asked by our youth, will I be forgotten if my politics cause my capture? That fear should not exist! We must by our example across the board show that coverage is certain and not one will be forgotten!!!

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