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But You're Fly Though by Markesha Woods

I'm heated is why I keep posting, anyone who knows me knows if I have something to say, I'm going to say it... I know that stopping their cash flow (these big corporations) will make stuff change big time. I'm all in but to know that a lot of folks aren't going to do this because they want to be fly, they aren't going to stop buying name brand stuff just because someone got shot... Oh so you gotta be fly huh?, Oh so when a police officer does a routine stop on you your heart is going to be beating out of your chest because you don’t know your fate, but you're fly though, you get killed in a car for no reason but you're fly laying in that car dead though, you get killed dead in the street but you're fly dead on the street though, your house get ran into by the police because they assume you're doing illegal activities so they kill you dead on the couch or the floor but you're fly though.... Smmfh, JUST SAD the way some of us think.

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