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Our Afrikan Historical Development

We Define:  New Afrikan Prisoner of War (N. A. P. O. W)

Since Afrikans in Amerika have been dislocated, that is, taken off of their own terms for the past three plus centuries, we seldom allow ourselves to operate as subjects of our own historical experience.  Most of our people in Amerika and throughout the diaspora are inclined to frequently operate an illusion that creates disillusionment and self-alienation, which is the most fundamental alienation a person, can have.  Our struggle is against extreme mis-orientation, to move beyond the spectrum of African people being objects rather than subjects in practice breaking away from the fringes of European experience and classification.  There can be no argument against the hatred of slavery that our ancestors had to endure, the thought of their daughters and sons would bear the burden of being born into this cruel system of slavery, captured by tens of millions, brutally abused on slave ships by unspeakable atrocities, brought to the shores of Amerikkka and sold, herded and consequently subjugated.


Through the historical dynamics of this experience we ultimately became prisoners of war, that we did not start, we were infringed upon, through manipulation , deception, and coercion, the duplicitous activity in complicity in the slave trade by our own people, the misconception of how the invaders interpreted slave trading contrary to the wars that took place amongst rival/tribes/nations which resulted in captured prisoners interpretations of European classifications, and history has shown that we have frequently followed the path of Europeans without understanding our own identities.  Whatever the complexities of Afrikan people history we subsequently became New Afrikans Prisoners of war (N.A.P.O.W). 


As learners of history and astute in applying truths to displace lies, we’ve reached the era of retrospect and construct, simply meaning to reflect, and through this reflection we construct a system of beliefs based upon knowledge that has been ascertained through relentless study.


Era of retrospect and Construct!!!!!


We are beacons of Nation building, while clearly understanding that we the beacons must take an internal /external retrospect of our present concrete conditions to forge our nation onward into the next stage of revolutionary development.  This is why our lives must be embedded in determined laws through our concrete conditions; we shall be constructed through organizational entities. B.A. 1998 by Sitawa


It is self-Evident, Our Afrikan people since 1619 are the denizens of a defective social system that was not designed with the best interest of our Afrikan Peoples at heart! Our brother, Amilcar Cabral stated:


                  “That oppression or domination of a people is only secured when the cultural life of people (Afrikan) is destroyed, paralyzed, or at least neutralized.”

And in fact, in our case, the different forms of oppression experienced by our new Afrikan class are determined by the emphasis placed on destroying us, paralyzing us, neutralizing the culture of the people through subtle forms and to bring under complete domination and break the will to resist at all cost.  The Western Slave Trade (W.S.T) was conducted by the white Aryan Christians of Western Europe, North and South Amerikka and lasted from approximately 1600 to 1870.  The acts of murder, mutilation, massacres, rape, theft and the consistent terror campaigns were committed without compunction during this period.  The illegal displacements of Afrikans by an established and constituted mandate by the Christian Aryans compelled a process of creating New Afrikans as a class of (N.A.P.O.W.) The New Afrikans is people, descendants from Afrikans kidnapped in Africa and held in slavery in the United States (U.S) Our brother Wade Nobles once stated:

                “The ideas of science do not develop in empty space or even abstract space where there is supposedly nothing but ideas.  The ideas, interests, application and definition of science go on in a human world, and human life, is social.  There is, therefore, no science, which is not some part of a social science.  Similarly, when the social reality is defined by racism and oppression, there can be no science, which is not, in part, oppressive and racist.  Just as science and technology have gone hand-in-hand in the past three hundred years to assist in the development of the Western World, so to, does it seem apparent that social science, as a political institution, now serves to maintain the advantages obtained by technological superiority of the Western world?   Where connection between sciences now serves western society in the creation and use of theories and ideas designed to control the use of power in general by oppressed people.  In fact, where power before was defined by the creation of ideas and the ability to have people respond to one’s ideas as if they represented the respondent’s reality.”


The capture and/or purchase of slaves on the coast, and their transportation across the historic Atlantic where there are a railroad of ancestral bones, onto the middle passage constitutes us as a people, New Afrikans Prisoners of war.  The slave (synonymous to N.A.P.O.W) who successfully completed the middle passage, the trauma of the auction block, and the “seasoning process,”  for plantation and mine work were used to cultivate every type of agricultural product from sugar cane, cotton tobacco, etc.  They slaved in construction, industry, and domestic service, there was no pay for this enslavement, we were never returned to our motherland, nor provided any restitution for the middle passage to the present.


The New Afrikan under the Aryan lash was the workhorse of the working world.  We (New Afrikans)  built the basic and necessary infrastructure and created the incipient wealth that set in motion the agricultural, commercial, industrial, and financial development of the Amerikkka’s ---my ancestors and kinsmen of ours, whose lifeblood watered the soil of the Amerikkka’s -, came from almost every area of the motherland. 


The government of the America knows exactly what it is doing, which means first history, culture, names, and languages.  Keep in mind that the oppressor (U.S.) knows what negative experiences the oppressed New Afrikan Nation are being subjected to (past and present).  When you lock a people up outside of their own historical experience and understanding, it becomes easy to dictate their relation as it relates to their place in history.  The honorable Marcus M. Garvey was aware of this dynamic when he proclaimed in unequivocal terms:

                “A people without knowledge of their history are like a tree without roots.”


This further constitutes that those of learned minds (New Afrikans) who can trace their family tree (I.e. lineage/linkage)  directly to Amerikka’s treacherous wars against Afrikans which resulted in an atrocious history of slavery (synonymous to N.A.P.O.W.).


We charge the American government with slavery/genocide, in clear, unequivocal terms, we charge the U.S. with slavery/genocide, against the captives New African peoples in the U.S. who are perpetually under siege.  We charge slavery, genocide, infanticide, and mentacide against a system that perpetrates the vile features via institutionalized racism.  In addition to understanding these manifestations, we must also examine the philosophy of our people as it relates to our world view, which defines us politically, socially, culturally, and economically.  This being N.A.R.N. is a philosophical construct that gives oneness of being, and understanding why we are (N.AP.O.W.) and how the genesis of slavery came to be confined to Afrikans alone.  We understand that slavery is an ancient institution derived from prehistoric times; it is our intent to place Afrikans as the subjects rather than the objects of their historical identity.  We know in the tradition of our ancestors, a free people notwithstanding the consequences, call themselves as they see fit and are not defined as others (U.S.) would have them be. ---we are New African Prisoners of War, through the intricate aspects of our New Afrikan historical development.

                Back to back, Afrikan to Afrikan, fade to Pro Afrikanism



Sitawa Nantambu Jamaa

R.N. Dewberry (c-35671)

P.O. Box 7500 D1-117

Crescent City, Ca. 95532-7500


Transcribed by Kilaika Anayejali Kwa Baruti

Edited by Alafia Medina


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