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Lucas Alan Dietsche

Lucas Alan Dietsche is a former prisoner, probationer, and a graduate at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. He plans to go on to get his Masters in Criminology. He is the author of Word Out: Poems Written under the Big Top of Dodge and Stanley Correctional Facilities, “Elba Memoirs of an Ex-Capitalist”, “Commies and Zombies”, “Moods are Like Wisconsin Weather: Poems from Fond du Lac” and his poetry has been published in numerous collections and publications. He has been a sympathizer of Socialist Action and is the main organizer for Samizdat: Socialist Prisoners Project. Dietsche is currently working on a complete memoir of his experiences as a social-deviant in jail, probation, and in prison, as well as the role of the lumpen-proletariat in capitalist society.

Jitu Sadiki

• Former prisoner who spent a total of nine years in prison, four of those years in SHU (solitary confinement) resulting from his political commitment to spread the ideology of Comrade George Jackson and the Black Liberation Movement among other prisoners in Chino, San Quentin, Soledad, Tehachapi and Vacaville Prisons.

• One of the organizers of the first Black August Resistance commemorations in 1979 while housed in Soledad's infamous O-wing SHU.

• Keynote speaker at a Malcolm X event at UC Berkeley as a member of the Black August Organizing Committee, two weeks after his release from prison in 1982.

• Mediator of a potential major Black & Brown conflict in Chino prison after the firebomb death of two Mexican women and three babies in the Watts' Jordan Down Projects in September 1991.

• US delegate to the Dominican Republic in 1992 protesting the 500 years celebration (LIE) of Christopher Columbus discovering america.

• Founded Black Awareness Community Development Organization (BACDO) in 1992 working with prisoners, former prisoners and street organizations.

• Participant and presenter of a workshop on police abuse at the first National Council for Urban Peace and Justice Peace Summit in Kansas City, MO 1993.

• Participant and co-facilitator of a workshop on reparations at the 7th Pan-African Congress in Kampala, Uganda 1994.

• Founding member of the International Council for Urban Peace, Justice and Empowerment (formerly the National Council for Urban Peace and Justice) in Kansas City, MO 1995.

• Recipient of the California Wellness Foundation's 1996 Peace Prize Award.

• Member of Black August Los Angeles since 2006.

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