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Long Live The Dragon

A Revolutionary Revue of the Poetic Rebels: (Songs of Revolution, Resistance, Liberation, and Justice)

The collection was written by Abdul Olugbala Shakur and Joka Heshima Jinsai- both awesome New Afrikan revolutionaries. I will as a formerly incarcerated, white ally, and now criminologist look up “New Afrikan Criminology 101” and State Raised Foundation. First, as a communist revolutionary (Trotskyist) I love the art work. It is full of surrealism, and full of the fighting spirit of the genre I like to call social-fantasy. As of devotee of socialist realism, and revolutionary fantasy fiction, I love the historic imagery that is so bright and succinct. The art work should be on urban and public walls.

For the poetry, I love the references to the Dragon; this is orientation to Comrade George Jackson, who like a lot of prison revolutionaries took on the Dragon as a symbol. In one of Comrade Ho Chi Minh’s famous quotes the dragon is a symbol for the incarcerated to break the prison walls down during a revolutionary situation. Specifically, l like the poem “Reclaiming our naked black beauty!”, “The Truth about Dragons”, and the “Black Prison Revolution.” Both poems speak to me as a prison abolitionist and both have awesome frame and are very commanding. I like poignant poems that confront the problem and are not shy about speaking truth to power. Unlike many anti-racist white-allied groups (aka Showing Up for racial Justice) that only talk about fighting racism, standing in the streets and publishing poetry that confronts one’s white arrogance, white privilege, and white color blindness are essential for change. I aspire to follow in these two writers’ vanguard and to publish some of my own in a next issue.

---Lucas Alan Dietsche is a poet, convict criminology, part of Samizdat: Socialist Prisoners Project, and Socialist Action. He has published 4 books including his latest “Since we left the Oregon Trail: Poems for Xennials” and available on  

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