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The role of family in the Struggle by Darryl Newsome

The role of family in the struggle is to move as a single unit, made up of an undetermined amount of family members with the same overall objective, although each individual will have separate short term goals that compliment one another’s’. The accomplishment or realization of them will bring them closer and closer to overall achievement. Family is not limited to blood relation or to the traditional man woman and child standard, although this standard is very relevant. Family can come in the form of brotherhood and sisterhood kwk….The roles vary in accordance to the structure of the family, nonetheless, each family’s role in the struggle is to be one in accord simultaneously tackling issues within the struggle.

Family playing its role in the struggle should always first be based on Maat. Each cardinal virtue should be guiding the family’s vision purpose and mission. Truth, justice, balance, order, harmony, reciprocity, and propriety should be the focal point in Juxtaposition with the struggle. Truthfully family moving out in the struggle is ideal. The struggle/oppression permeates each and every aspect of Afrikan life. With that being said each member within the family approaching different aspects of the struggle? For example, Afrakan manhood demands that an Afrakan man fulfill obligations to the struggle such as challenge oppression by being capable of controlling your environment, by standing up so that the boys don’t run amuck. This means that simultaneously he would be supporting the efforts of the boys within the family by educating them, providing them with knowledge of self-rearing Afrakan warriors/asafos. The boys and men will be fulfilling their obligations to the struggle from the standpoint of the family.

The boys gaining a knowledge of self and being disciplined/conditioned to become asafos is a short term goal that is necessary to accomplish the overall objective. It also compliments the other members of the family efforts like the women for example. If a sister woman ties her vision, mission, and purpose into her aims, goals, and aspirations an Afrakan man/asafo must make sacrifices that empower them. An Afrakan man/asafo will be conscious enough to recognize this and be able to express it through his consciousness. This means sacrificing, his time, energy and resources while still fulfilling, his obligations to the struggle. The sister woman should support the Afrakan man in putting in his work in rearing up the boys into Afrakan men.

Brotherhoods are other examples of family structures that have the same overall role in the struggle that can be expressed differently. For example each Ndugu of an udugu has different strengths and skill sets that are most effective in different aspects of the struggle. One Ndugu may be highly skilled in physical combat which is essential in protecting our people. He must teach our people to protect themselves and each other. Another Ndugu may be fiscally sound. It is evident that being broke and fighting the struggle are impossible facts. So this Ndugu will devise plans to fund the Udugu and the people. Another Ndugu could be a great teacher. This is essential in the struggle we need teachers on every level. This Ndugu can be an educator for socio-politico and economic agendas knowledge of self kwk...

The same applies for a sisterhood. Over all the sisterhood has the same agenda that they move out on according to their individual strengths. One sister may be an eloquent speaker, therefore, her mission would be to address the people at speaking engagements on socio-politico and economic issues and needs for example. One sister may be a great organizer. She would organize the events for the sister who’s an eloquent speaker and anything else that would be required. As in the brotherhood one sister woman at least has to be fiscally sound to fund their movement and the people. The principles they ascribe to and the bonds they will develop through the process of struggle is what makes them family.

Each family should look to be the catalyst or set paradigms that benefit other families in the struggle. Our families have been decimated by oppression and it’s by products. Trust is a major issue within our people’s lives. Families in the struggle have to show and prove that you can function as a family trusting in people who look like you, think like you, and share your experience. This is part of a greater process. Men and women create families, families make up communities, communities make up cities, cities make up states and soon enough you’ll have a nation. Family is at the core of the nation and is pivotal to its establishment.

To be in the struggle is to be at war. While at war you need family at your side helping you fight this war and what comes with it. Low morale renders you ineffective. You should be able to combat low morale yourself, but family will definitely be there to help you recognize it and combat it. When you are overwhelmed your family will lighten your load and relieve you of the pressure that is weighing you down. Family is your rock in the struggle, your motivation, your inspiration, and your greatest support system. Your dedication to your family should be reciprocal. Family develops your people skills in the struggle. Your family impacts your discipline. The way your parents rear you and instill morals and principals in you. This impacts the way you view people in regards to their conditions, actions, disposition, and personality. So when you see someone who doesn’t relate to you culturally or ethnically the principles you ascribe to will allow you to empathize due to similar conditions kwk…

Family validates your culture. When you’re around people you love and vice versa who approach life in the same manner it’s empowering, it makes you feel you’re where you should be, doing the right thing. As Afrakans we must relate through culture and principle as well as experience. The struggle permeates every aspect mentioned there for family should become all those who share these realities. This fusion should strengthen the agenda of those in the struggle. Hotep!

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