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What Can be done?  

I am in Unit 29 at Mississippi State Penitentiary, which is in Parchman, Mississippi. This is an old slave plantation. It’s the closest to hell I ever want to get. They have us locked down with no visitation and no yard call. It has been three months since we have been on this same lockdown. No yard call means there is no sun light and fresh air. We are not allowed to order food or have access to receiving our necessity of personal hygiene. They are also starving us. They have people still working in the fields working for 20 cents an hour. There is no television and there is no air. There is no heat in the living area plus the living area looks like a scene from a poverty-stricken country. It's a proven fact this is an old slave plantation. There are a lot of people who have lost their lives here and their graves are still here, a lot of unmarked graves are here in Parchman. The Mississippi Food Health Department closed the kitchen down in Unit 29 because they found all types of insects, rodents, and maggots in the food. They said that the food is not fit for a dog. The way we are living now is worse than slavery this is closest to hell I ever want to get please help me get this lock down lifted and these conditions changed. What can be done?

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