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George Jackson University is striving to become the superstructure of education inside of the current Prison Industrial Complexes of Amerika.  It is our duty to remain in complete unity with our people in spite of our physical separation.  It is our goal to remain on one accord in thought and in action.  Our common goal shall be complete liberation for our people and we understand that education is a very viable factor in making that happen.  A few thing we need to do that, other than the books are; postage stamps, paper, business and letter -sized envelopes, a copy machine, and any monetary funds are accepted and needed as well.  Your contributions are greatly appreciated and shall stretch far passed the human eye.  We have work today.  The work is easy, it just requires action, it can not and will not stand on the idea alone.  Work and effort comes from the people and we need the people.  We need committed citizens to push this thing forward, to create a whirlwind inside of the Prisons!  You can volunteer.  Just simply visit our contact page and we will connect with you.  Asante Sana
  •                    Kilaika Anayejali kwa Baruti
  •                    Executive Director, Financial Administrative Department 
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